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A girl of studied eccentricities.

A history in the subjunctive.

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My name is Lili Ward. I am currently a sophomore junior almost a senior at American University, majoring in International Studies and minoring in International Public Health (which I'm designing on my own) a Master's in Public Health student at Boston University. I am a political junkie, so I just finished my first year at BU.

I am terribly, irrepressibly, unashamably geeky. I love to make references to weird things, mostly to amuse myself. I have a passion for the arts, especially for musicals. You probably don't want to bring Broadway up unless you have a couple hours to kill. I am a soprano, through and through. I'm also big-time interested in HIV/AIDS, geriatrics, and epilepsy, among other things.

Mood theme created by shutterbug_12. Most of my icons are uncredited because I only started to note who made my icons in the couple years or so. So if you made one, let me know!